October Facility Updates

October Activities

  • October 1st – World Farm Animal Day as well as Music Day, Pickle Day and World Smile Day
  • October 4th – Cinnamon Roll Day
  • October 6th – World Cerebral Palsy Day – Green is the observance color
  • October 7th – Chocolate Pretzel Day as well as You Matter to Me Day
  • October 13th – Breast Cancer Awareness Day – Pink is the observance color and National M&M Day
  • October 14th – International Top Spinning Day as well as Be Bald Be Free Day
  • October 15th – National Bosses Day
  • October 18th – Chocolate Cupcake Day
  • October 19th – Evaluate your life Day
  • October 28th – Chocolate Day and National First Responders Day

Employee of the Month

Kim W., QIDP

Residents of the Month

  • Rolling Hills Main –Pam F
  • Parker House – Ruthie H
  • Angel Garden – Jeremy H

Birthday Winner

Jayla T.


Rolling Hills welcomes David M., Stephanie R. and Allen B.!

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