Activity Highlights

June 1st – We will celebrate National Nail Polish Day – our ladies will get a fresh manicure.

June 1st is also Heimlich Maneuver Day – our Staff Developer will quiz our staff on their knowledge and skill.

June 6th – National Yo-Yo Day – Staff and residents alike will show their skills with a Yo-Yo.

June 1st – 9th is National Lemonade Week. We will celebrate on June 6th, with residents making and selling lemonade.

June 7th is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day – our retired residents will enjoy fellowship and chocolate ice cream.

June 12th – is National Peanut Butter Cookie Day – our retired residents will enjoy fresh baked peanut butter cookies.

June 16th is Fathers Day

June 18th is Go Fishing Day as well as National Picnic Day – residents will enjoy a day of fishing and while having fellowship over a Picnic.

Rolling Hills will celebrate National Alzheimer/Brain Awareness Month on June 19th

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